TFIOS inspired desktop bg

TFIOS Movie Poster

I’ve been waiting for the movie trailer to come out since the other day. Finally saw it while I was in school – bad idea to watch the trailer while you’re in a public place – cause I was holding back tears! I tried to contain myself and I suffered in silence. I hope you guys don’t experience that! Lol. But if you haven’t seen the trailer, I BEG YOU, watch it. NOW. Lol

Anyway, even before the announcement that John Green was working on the movie for TFIOS, after reading the book, I was inspired to make my desktop background highlighting my favorite lines from the book.

I made it with Photoshop CS5, here it is:


Note To Self

Hey ME.

Please remember to do the following:

First, and probably the most important thing, breathe. The world is not going to end if you take a breather and just let it all in. Take things slow. Especially on days when you feel like you are drowning, that is a sign that you need to breathe. Appreciate.

Secondly, remember the important things. By that, I don’t mean the deadlines or requirements, or any of those stressing stuff. Important things such as going to church and giving thanks, your brother’s birthday, or even just pampering yourself once in a while. Remember to become a kid again and play video games, remember to make connections with your family. Having fun. These are important things that makes us a living human being.

Third, find inspiration and motivation. Continuously look for reasons to fall in love with anything and everything that you are doing – your job, your school work, accomplishing your dream. Nothing and no one else can motivate you but yourself.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to look stupid – not literally stupid, knowing nothing at all – but making mistakes along the way. It’s okay to look like a fool, as long as you are trying to achieve great things. From these mistakes, you will learn and grow. Take chances, take risks.

Fifth, believe. Believe in yourself, believe in the capability of the world to become better than it is today. Believe in the strength of a human mind and heart. Believe that your are strong. Believe that every one is good. Believe that you can become a positive influence to others. Believe that you can. Believe in Santa Claus, in Fairies, in Magic, and in Fairytales. Just, Believe.

Lastly, love. Love a whole lot. Even if it’s difficult, or terrifying, or crazy.

Oh, and by the way, you are almost there! Just, don’t forget to live every once in a while, preferably with your family and friends. Lol

Just needed to let those thoughts out. Cheers!

Daily Prompt: Obstacle Course (to UK)

Daily Prompt from: Daily Post

Well hello WordPress! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything and this is a great time to post something.

It’s is sort of an explanation as well as to why I haven’t been around lately.

It is the last term of this school year, and students are in knee-deep work load and requirements to finish such as term papers, or preparations for exams. However, in the school I’m attending at, it’s quite different.

We are currently finishing another 7 term papers, one of which is a very long research paper, and preparing our Curriculum Vitae (or what we call Resume) for our internships to be able to graduate, and at the same time I’m preparing my documents for the plans to study in UK.

What a load huh? But it is all working out well. Aside from those things, I’ve also joined a group of students to compete in this year’s Digital Marketing Competition of Google!

Anyway, we were talking about OBSTACLES. My obstacles to be able to reach my goal – which is to study in UK for my top-up – are as follows:

  1. 7 term papers!
  2. Internship of 300 hours (Would not be able to graduate without completing both)
  3. Graduation
  4. LAZINESS – in terms of waking up at 6AM in the morning every day to get to class on time – which is my biggest obstacle right now.

I guess that’d be it. Nothing really bad-serious. It’s just that in my point of view, it seems to much to think about, and I have to finish everything by August. So, yeah.

God Speed to everyone facing a much challenging obstacle than I am!