Sleep disorder?

I realize that I’ve posted something earlier, but I just wanted share this experience.

So today, I slept at 4pm because I opted not to attend class. Then, as I was waking up, I was aware of my surroundings, I can see the light of my room, I can hear the music playing on my iPod – there’s only one thing I cannot do — move. I was stuck there, and I couldn’t move. Trying to move, my arms felt heavy. Tried again, and it was such a struggle. Then, eventually, I woke up.

It was not my first time to have that experience. I’ve experienced it before, about 2 or 3 times already. Then today, it bugged me. I don’t understand why it is happening, or even what IT is. So I did a light research about it, WebMD and this other site called Serendip Studio says it is something called Sleep Paralysis.

It is kind of terrifying, not knowing what is happening, and now not knowing how to handle it. It may happen again, any time and any day. It is so unpredictable that it is causing me anxiety. So I’ve decided to research into it more, and understand how to – if not prevent it – lessen the chances of it happening again.

Share your ideas? Thanks.

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Song #4: Fluorescent Adolescent

I don’t know how Alex Turner does it. And how Arctic Monkeys create such catchy music. I love this particular one, because it’s fun to listen to.

It’s about the individual reminiscing about the past, and how fun and easier life was.

It was less complicated back then, I have to say. I would like to be born in the late 70’s to be able to be a teenager by the mid-80’s or be born in the early 80’s to be a teenager in the early 90’s and stuff. It was really cool back then when we don’t rely on gadgets for entertainment. People were more connected, that’s just in my opinion. I used to have a walkman, and listening to music had been enough of an entertainment for me. It still is. That is probably why I bought an iPod Classic even though there are many new iPads and iPod Touch to choose from. I like to have a big storage for my infinite playlist and huge collection of songs and albums.

So, that is it. I know the song may be interpreted differently, if you want, you can write about it or comment it on this post. Just a suggestion.


Welcoming Keilahx

Finally got this friend of mine to create a blog! Meet Keilahx, a full on fun and quirky person. I find her thoughts often intriguing. You can’t really tell what’s on her mind, sometimes. That girl. However, I do appreciate her being true to herself. It is admiring how she speaks her mind but knows when and how to do it. This is why I wanted to see what goes on in her mind. (And I know that it is not what you think it is Keilah! I’m sure there are a lot of people, like-minded people, who will appreciate your insights. Like I do.)

All I can say is, she is an outgoing person. Sometimes, she seems more mature than I am. AND, she’s the kind of person that keeps you grounded and makes you want to have fun. A full blast of living life.

So there, WELCOME Keilah, I look forward to read and be inspired by your posts. I have another reason to be even more nocturnal, if that is possible, now.

Thanks for finally accepting my request.

Song #2

Okay, just to be clear, the first one I posted was supposed to be for last night, but since I posted it at around 3am, it was automatically dated for today. 28 October 2013

But here’s another one of the songs on my infinite playlist.

“We lie beneath the stars at night
Our hands gripping each other tight
You keep my secrets hope to die
Promises, swear them to the sky”


Song #1 on my Infinite Playlist: Silenced by the Night

Fair warning. I would be posting snippets of my playlist on this site, CONSTANTLY. One song on a daily basis, if it is possible. I have this forever changing playlist, or a list that may go on and on and on, and I don’t wanna bore you out of your wits. I just want to share songs that are mostly relatable, if not catchy, and full of meaning.
It’s like my never-ending list of books to read, but a little more complicated. So this is Song number one.

I like the carefree vibe of this song. Talking about falling in love during the old days, it was spontaneous. The ‘when you feel it, you’ll just know it’ stuff. And it’s not just falling in love with another person, it’s generally falling in love with something that is so pure, something you honestly can believe in.

Oh look, it’s almost 3am. They call me Nocturnal for a reason. Enjoy!

Halloween Reading list

Halloween time again.

So for this halloween, I’ve set a reading list that will be like my little celebration of halloween. How introvert can I be?

I’ve just never been one of those people who likes to dress up on halloween, or dress up for that matter. I’m more of a casual person. Anyway, as I was saying, I’ve never ‘liked’ to prepare too much for halloween. I don’t know why, yes I am sort of lame, but I just don’t. So instead, I’m going to read the following:

The Mortal Instruments City Of Bones, Cassandra Clare – currently reading this one because it’s a long one. I can’t seem to find book 2 and 3 anywhere ever since the movie came out. The movie was good too, it’s just that I liked certain scenes in the book that would’ve been nice to see in the movie.

Next one is Carrie by Stephen King, and yes the movie is out as well, but I haven’t seen it. I’m really determined to finish the book before watching the movie. No spoilers!

And that ends the reading list. It’s not much because we don’t really get a time off from school. It’s just about 3 days, such an inconvenience, I know. Kidding. It’s enough I guess. Christmas is coming soon anyhow.

Portrait of an ISFP

First of all, what is ISFP?

I: Introvert

S: Sensing

F: Feeling

P: Perceiving

It basically intensifies your understanding of  who you are as a person. I learned this from our subject called Personal and Professional Development, which was taught by Sir Jojo Alino in Southville Foreign University. At first, I thought “why would a business management student need this kind of subject?” Then going through the course, it made me realize that understanding yourself and developing yourself first is very important, even if an individual is not a business management student. It is very essential to understand and know one’s self for you to maximize your capabilities and competencies. The subject was very helpful in terms of understanding how I work individually or with others, and clearing a few skeptical moments in my life where I feel like I don’t really know myself. Taking the test and looking at the results, it seems like it is easier to accept that I am who I am. Using the results, I personally started to develop myself and feel a little less dubious regarding some things about me.

For my result, it shows that I am an introvert, which is true. It also tells me that I use my gut feeling more often in making important decisions, which is somewhat true but I also look at the practical and logical side of things when necessary. Then sensing and perceiving.


Here’s the complete portrait or profile of an ISFP:

If you want to check your own profile, here is the questionnaire:

or you can search online: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

If you want to further develop yourself to become an effective person in everything you do, here’s a book that I would personally recommend as my professor personally recommended to his past students. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

What to say?

Hi WordPress.

New to this site and it’s kind of tricky to use, but so far it is great.

Anyway, this is me trying to figure out how this works.

Hmm, well to start off, I have blogged before. It is still active as of today but I don’t get a chance to update it on a daily basis with school work and all.

I blog and read blogs because I want to be constantly inspired by people from all around the globe. Blogging, for me, is sort of a compilation of people’s experiences and beliefs, a huge library wherein you are able to get a glimpse of someone else’s life. It is almost like a book and I would like to share mine as I indulge in reading yours.

Well, back to figuring this out.