The World in the eyes of a Parent

Okay, I may not be a mother now but I do get the idea of taking care of a child because of my two baby brothers. I may not have worked so hard to get them into this world, but I do get the feeling of being so protective of them too.

It is hard being a parent, let alone be a single parent.

When I was a teenager, about 13 or 14, I usually got irritated and mad at my mom (like all teenagers do) when I don’t get to hang out with my friends somewhere, or when she would not allow me to go to school on my own when everyone else was allowed to. I never got the logic before of why she was too overprotective and I usually felt like she never trusted me with absolutely ANYTHING. You know, the typical teen angst thing.

When I finally got into college, she allowed me more and more to go out with friends. She even allowed me – against her will of course cause she had no choice – to commute to school, which was a bus and two jeep (a Philippine public transportation) ride getting there and around 20mins walk. She started giving me responsibilities when it comes to my brothers and that’s around the time that I was starting to understand her decisions before.

Now that I am 21 (ha, I would like to think that I have matured at this point), I finally realised that she’d always trusted ME, it’s the world and the strangers around me that she didn’t trust. She could not bear with the thought that I would get myself into a negative situation and would not be able to defend myself or be back home for that matter. I realised that parents will always, and I mean ALWAYS – EVEN IF YOU ARE 50 YEARS OLD, be worried and be protective of you no matter what. In their point of view, you will always be this precious little thing that is so fragile and so blissful that it makes them this overprotective, sort-of-paranoid detectives that are always on your case. It is what they do.

Because of this upbringing, I also realised that I am always cautious too when traveling from one place to another. It’s funny, to be honest.

I wanted to share this because I got inspired by my mom. I am temporarily in the UK, thousands of miles from her, and she still worries about me even when she has so many things to worry about there. She still tells me to keep several copies of my passport, IDs, and keep emergency cash. She still reminds me to check a place before going and still reminds me to be cautious of my surroundings, AND I AM 21.

So teens, please give your parents a break. I know you do not understand now, but eventually you will. Just try and avoid getting into heated arguments that are not even worth losing your relationship with your parents for.

Love you mom. And I want you to know, I am safe.

Speaking of Songs..

I am a HUGE fan of OneRepublic. They have this track “Something I Need” and it was played over and over again on the radio back in the Philippines. And since I am a huge fan, I know the lyrics to the song, so when I heard the one played on the radio, I got confused. Kudos to the cover though, he fooled my ears, I did not recognize that it was not Ryan Tedder (slightly) but when it reached the high part that’s when I knew. That’s when I realised that it was not OneRepublic’s version.

Now I say version because other artists does covers and want to interpret the song in their own way.

HOWEVER, seeing the video on YouTube with this title: Ben Haenow – Something I Need, it kind of got me a little pissed off.

Cause you see, there’s a difference between ‘BY’ and ‘COVERED BY’

And it’s one of those pet peeves I guess when credit it not given to whom it is due.

Some may already assume that Something I Need is by that guy but he only changed the part “if we only die once, I wanna die with you” to “if we only live once, I wanna live with you” so technically, it’s not your original song still..

So for those of you WHO DON’T KNOW, Something I Need is BY OneRepublic.

I mean, I respect that the guy wanted to express and interpret it the way he felt. But it’s just a personal thing.

I am a little pissed off because this relates to another frustration of mine. Underrated bands and artists that are far more talented than what we see nowadays.

It might sound bias and unreasonable, I don’t know, but that’s my opinion and you can have your own.