What Element Are You?

So I answered a survey ‘What Element Are You?

My result was:

You Are


Intellectual and witty, you are a determined person. Airs are usually very good business people because they like to talk and can persuade easily. You have a happy side, so your animal would be a dolphin or a sea creature. Your colors are yellow and white. Airs dislike bossy and pushy people.

I guess it’s sort of accurate? I disagree with the colors though. I don’t dislike yellow but I don’t like it either. It is true that bossy and pushy people gets on my nerves! I hate it when people are being bossy or pushy, or bossy AND pushy. Especially when it’s out of place. I get people who are bossy and pushy when they’re assigned or tasked to be leaders, because their neck is on the line. What I don’t get is when people are being bossy and pushy just because they want to prove something.

I guess that’s it. It’s really close to my personality as well. I don’t know about the intellectual part though. Lol

Forever Summer

Summer is finally here, well in the Philippines at least, I don’t know about you guys. I do prefer cold weather though, just because it is easier to get cozied up, drink tea or coffee and read a really good book. However, summer is also really great because we get to enjoy the BEACH.

Okay, the last time I blogged about what I’ve been up to was about my final papers (assessments), the competitions – GEE and Google Online Marketing Challenge, and the internship. Let’s not forget though that it’s summer. So my friend and I went to the biggest dance party in Manila, which was held last 5 April 2014 in Circuit Makati. (Sorry for the low quality image, this was taken with my iPod 4th gen)

or what's left of it

my ticket or what’s left of it

My summer started out really well this year, I must say! It was a RAVE from 5pm til 4am! 11 hours of RAVE, can you imagine? Well, I bet it’s nothing compared to Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival but it was still really fun. I can even describe it in one word. AWESOME.

For the first couple of sets, local DJs played, which was really cool too because they had this international-level skill in what they do. Come nightfall, international DJs went on stage, and that’s when the crowd started to really move. I’m getting nostalgic just writing about this. I can not get over how pretty DJ Helena was and how pretty awesome Alesso was. Total eargasm.

I admit I’m not a pretty strong dancer but in those moments we were all like ‘whatever!’ People moving to the music, singing along to the songs, feeling as if the song was sinking into your soul, everyone were friends and nobody really cared what’s going on outside of that event. It was all carefree and it really took off the stress I’ve had these past couple of months, and I got to share it with a really good friend of mine.

So, for those who wanted to go to Tomorrowland but never had the guts to do it, I suggest you do it. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget, or at least any dance party you’ve been wanting to go. The experience will be an ‘in the moment’ kind of fun.

I guess that’s all for tonight, I’ll leave you with the forever awesome Alesso with the forever one of the greatest bands ever, OneRepublic!