Cringe-worthy Memories, you are the BEST.

Today started out quite well. I told myself that starting tomorrow (because I am a procrastinator) that I would get my sh..stuff together, I would create schedules, I would get my body clock running right and have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It’s something I wanted to do ages ago, but because I am lazy as well (perfect combination huh, procrastinator and a lazy bum, well well) I have’t done it. So I noticed that I do feel like my life lately has been a series of blurred scenes, that’s when I wanted to get my act together. I’m addicted – highly addicted – to watching TV series (I watch 2 seasons in one night, that’s how serious it is) and I sleep at 8AM, which is when other people get up. I don’t know, but it feels so boring to have a routinely schedule of when you have to wake up, go to school or work, do something other than school or work, then sleep. My habit, HOWEVER, has affected my attention in class, how I feel about myself, and how I interact with others (whenever I DO go out because, duh, I’m in my room all day and night – TV series).

Oops. Off-topic, jeez. Ok, back to what I WANTED to share. I went out today to get my *drum roll* ARCTIC MONKEYS SHIRT. FINALLY, it arrived. I was extremely excited about it. Then as I was walking back to the dorm, I realised my mom asked me to check my bank account because she sent my budget for the next two to three weeks again. Afterwards, I had a sudden craving for a coffee from this really hipster, cool, and friendly coffee shop (which I’m not going to name because..well, wait for the rest of the story).

So there I was getting a flat white – and the barista was quite cute too – and I was completely aware of that. When I was about to pay, there were two other guys behind me waiting for their turn to pay for their drinks. Damn they were cute too. So, surrounded by these cute and really attractive guys, the barista (with his accent) was asking me about something. Here’s the really funny part, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT HE SAID. And so I asked him to repeat it, but even as he repeated the words, I DID NOT UNDERSTAND IT THE SECOND TIME AROUND. It was so embarrassing because as he gave me my change back he was kind of holding his laughter. Which I kind of laughed as well because why the hell not, you looked stupid anyhow. HAHAHA, so yeah. Oh God I hope I don’t see those guys EVER again.

It was so cringe-worthy that as I was walking back home, I kept cringing and half smiling and thinking to myself what he was asking me! DEAR LORD I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY STUPIDITY. HAHAHAHA

So yeah that’s it. So if you thought something happened to you today, just remember to laugh at yourself in the end. Nothing you could do about it anymore anyway. HAHAHAHA, no but seriously, I want to lock myself up for being so stupid earlier.

So without further ado, I leave you with State Champs’ Critical: