Fangirl 101


I was browsing on the internet for things, just random stuff, and came across this website where they sell really cool stuff – especially for fans – from stickers to mugs to bed sheets and posters! How cool is that? So I’ve been waiting for the mail for days, and today I finally got my order of stickers. At first, I was determined to get band stickers and just 5 stickers max. Ended up buying 5 more, and ended up searching for almost all my favourite things!

So I got three Fall Out Boy stickers, one Harry Potter sticker, four Supernatural stickers (cause I am deeply in love with Supernatural) – Stitch in Castiel’s coat as a reference to Supernatural, isn’t it cute? A Central Perk sticker – of course! And one Adventure Time sticker, with reference to Fall Out Boy’s ‘Save Rock and Roll’.

I’m thinking of getting more to completely cover up my Mac. Maybe next time, HIMYM stickers and more band stickers. Oh, loads and loads more of stickers I need to list them down in order of priority. Ha, I don’t think my laptop has enough space for it.

Sorry I’m rambling, even my thoughts are scrambled right now. Anyway, if you want one of those lovely stickers or something else, I suggest going to RedBubble (WARNING: visit website at your own risk, possibility of addiction). I am so glad that I didn’t have a credit card, or else I would be in trouble with debt by now.