Having friends who are [dot][dot][dot]

Since the third week of June, I’ve been going out and hanging out with different group of friends. I only have less than two months here in the Philippines, which is why my mom lets me go to places.

It’s really amazing that I have different group of friends but they are really similar with each other. And it’s really amazing that I get to balance out and spend time with each of them.

I like how my friends are the type of people whom you can really talk with – when hanging out I mean. We don’t get distracted by smartphones, or androids, or iPhones. I like how they can be funny and comedic instantaneously as if they’ve been doing it for a living. It’s pretty amazing that we can talk for hours and hours and we do not seem to run out of things to share or things to remember, OR, we can just sit there drink beer or coffee or tea and just listen to music. There’s just no pressure.

I’m so grateful that I have friends whom I have special moments with, inside jokes, and even a theme song with. I’m so grateful that I have friends that I can act foolish with, whether I am in a good mood or bad, whether I am a mess or not, they accept the fact that I am how I am.

I consider myself really lucky to have friends that understands you and can even tell when you are craving for an Iced White Mocha Americano – on the rocks, half and half.

So cheers to those friends that stood by your side through sunshine and storms. Cheers to those who have shared almost 12 years with you. Cheers to those you don’t see often but you never seem to miss out on anything. Cheers to those who can appreciate a good conversation with you rather than check their phones every single minute. Cheers to those you go to concerts with or discuss and exchange really good books!

Cheers to the kind of friendship that only grows with time.