Fruitful March

The month of March, so far so good. It’s coming to a close, and I’ve been receiving more and more reasons to be grateful.

First, I got my CONDITIONAL acceptance letter. But after I’ve completed my final paper (yes, I’ve only got one left!), it would mean that I’ve completed my BTEC HND course. This means that I am really on the right path and soon enough I’ll be leaving for University of Chester with my friends!

Secondly, I got an internship position for my mom’s company. I know I got it easy, but I don’t intend to have an easy experience as an intern, which is why I asked her not to be my supervisor. I asked her to place me in any position and department as long as I work for someone other than her. This will help me help her in a way. I don’t intend to get paid (cause some interns are paid), as it will help her to lessen the expenditures of the company.

Thirdly, the competitions I’ve entered in. Google Digital Marketing Challenge and the Global Enterprise Experience. It’s a blessing because I get to work with talented and knowledgable people from all around the world. It makes me feel connected to the world even more.

For the Google Digital Marketing Challenge, my group mates and I  agreed on the perfect non-profit org, started by our very own block mate, which aims to provide comfort and uplift children’s nutrition in the Philippines. We thought it would be perfect to create awareness for this org because it’s for a great cause, to fight malnutrition. Hopefully, and I pray that this org will branch out to the whole world. Baby steps.

For the Global Enterprise Experience, we’ve got so many interesting ideas! They are all really good ideas and are about helping the youth, and probably the world? A girl can dream, right? Once the competition has ended, I’ll share that experience.

Lastly, my family and friends. They’ve been supporting me and helping me grow through and through.

I have to say, it’s a very fruitful YEAR in fact. Some obstacles and difficulties, but hey, they’re built to make you stronger and teaches us to NEVER GIVE UP.

“Keep Moving Forward” – Meet the Robinsons, Walt Disney.


DLSU vs ADMU Championship

A late upload, but still wanted to share.

All images were shot with Canon Powershot SX30 and were shot by ©Kashka Lantion

My friends and I went to the Women’s Volleyball Championship Game held in the MOA Arena last 15 March 2014. It was loads of fun because we were able to hang out (finally) outside of school. It was long over due. We went there early to secure seats.


We were in the farthest section of the Arena, unfortunately. But it has its perks too. We were able to see the play very well and compare the strategies of each team.


Ateneo’s Lady Eagles

They played a fair and strong game. They won three sets straight, which is AMAZING because they were up against a very strong team as well. But how they played the game was astonishing. Everyone that day could see the dedication and passion to win and everyone also felt how strong their hearts were. They had strong spikes, blocks, and service. They communicated well during the game, which is why they won the championship.


De Lasalle’s Lady Spikers

The Lady Spikers is a strong team. They’ve won the Women’s Volleyball in the UAAP three times in a row already. If they won this year it would have been a four-peat. They also played strong in the game that day. They had the most blocks and in my perspective, their defense was stronger than Ateneo’s. However, they did not take into account the fact that the Lady Eagles have well prepared to respond through the spikes and services.

Overall, it was a great game. Both teams should be proud of what they have accomplished that day, because I think that they both have won.

Song #25? Shot At The Night

I’m not really sure what song number we are at, cause I’m pretty sure that I’m feeling tipsy. Lucky for me I can still typer properly, AND there’s auto correct. But yeah, this song makes me want to lose control and do whatever I want to do with my life.

I somehow realized that those who have truly, honest-to-God happy life are the ones who don’t really care that they’re not earning billions, don’t really care if they planned properly – with contingency plans, I might add – for the future. Those who are really CONTENTED and happy are the ones who live life DAY TO DAY. Works to live. Just enough to get what they want and more than enough for what they need.

I’m probably drunk at this stage, and they say that most of the drunks tell the truth. So I don’t know what to make of that. I just know that I’m pretty happy and awesome at the moment.
I wish people – including me OF COURSE – would find that contentment and LIVE.

So here’s a totally chill song from The Killers, how I love them! Shot at the night. I only have one shot at this life, and from now on, I’m not going to miss the things that MAKES me happy.

Italian Style Pasta (Mom’s recipe)

I’ll try my best to describe the ingredients, cause I’m not really good with naming them. I just know that they’re part of the recipe. Lol

What you’ll be needing:

1. Pasta (of course)

2. Italian spaghetti sauce (2 packs)

3. Ground beef – 1 kilo

4. Sliced mushroom (canned is fine, but don’t forget to remove the juice or something)

5. Juice from a pineapple (not the powdered stuff)

6. Bell peppers, both red and green: minced – about 3 red ones and 3 green ones

7. Onions: minced – 2 whole onions

8. Cheese: grated

9. Black pepper (the black spicy stuff – either powdered or the whole small-ball like stuff)

10. Salt



1. If you haven’t done it already, mince the onions and bell peppers – red & green, slice the mushroom (if you plan to use the fresh, not canned ones. And set the aside for a while.

2. Then, prepare the pan (preferably a deep pan or casserole or whatever you call ’em), put some butter or oil and let it be heated for a while. Once heated, put the onions in the pan and stir fry them until it is a little caramelized.

3. After the onions are cooked to your heart’s content, place the ground beef in the pan, season the ground beef with salt and pepper, and stir fry until it is cooked.

4. Once the ground beef is fairly cooked, place the bell peppers in the pan and stir fry once again.

5. Once the mix is well cooked, mix in the two packs of spaghetti sauce, preferably italian style, and add again seasoning – pepper and salt. Also add the a few grated cheese and the juice of the pineapple – this is a crucial ingredient as it balances the taste of the salt and pepper.

6. Stir away until the sauce is cooked, make a taste test – but use a separate spoon, it might spoil the sauce.

7. Add more seasoning of necessary.

The ground beef can also be made into a meatball, actually. Just add seasoning – salt and pepper, and roll them into a big ball, then deep fry them until cooked.

And that’s it, dig in. If you do try it, let me know how it went. Cheers!

Song #24: Best Day Of My Life

I’ve been listening to this song months ago. And I am so glad that American Authors are being introduced in more and more local radio stations in the Philippines. I’m really glad that they FINALLY recognize good music that is upbeat, cheery, and simply fun.

So here’s American Authors with Best Day of My Life – acoustic version.

The original version is great as well.

Song # 23: Sweater Weather

Wow! It’s been a while. I don’t know how I can improve in writing more often but the past few weeks had been a whirlwind. And even though Summer is just around the corner – for the Philippines – at least, the song is still very chill. It’s totally the opposite of the weather here.

I like the sun, beach, and waves and all but I guess I’m really curious of what cold weather feels like. I mean the wintery kind of weather – not just the rainy and strong winds kind.

I guess, for personal preferences, I’m more of a sweater-wearing-snow-cold-kind-of-weather person.


What other countries experiencing summer right now?