That one perfect song..

I finally found the song.

I’ve heard it before somewhere but I cannot, for my life, remember where and today I found it!

I was just looking at random videos and then I felt like listening to La Vie En Rose, and just like that *snaps fingers* it showed up. Waltzed into my life like a sweet sweet bubble gum flavored ice cream on a beautiful breezy summer day on the beach. Magically swept me off my feet. I know, not making any sense right now because I am freaking out over this song.

Will let you decide for yourselves of course. :)

Hope you enjoy!

What are you really scared of?

Edge Of The World by DeviantArt user drakmin ( under Photography/ People & Portraits/ Fashion Portraits

Sometimes we use the word ‘scared’ lightly because it can pertain to anything, from being scared of spiders to being scared of the dark. There are different levels of being ‘scared.’

I have been thinking about the things that makes me scared – and not in the light, being scared of cockroaches (which I am) by the way. I thought about what makes me terrified – scared that I do not think I can overcome. I wouldn’t say that I am not scared of dying – cause I am. I wouldn’t say that I am not scared of death – cause I am. But what I realized is why I am scared of dying or death. I am terrified of what I would be losing and gaining all at once.

I would be losing the world, the ability to use my senses and be in the world that we know.

I would be losing the physical capability to be around my loved ones.

I would be losing time.

I would be losing the privilege to absorb the beauty of the world.

However, I am most terrified of what comes next..

I do not believe that in death, nothing comes next. I would like to believe that, when one passes – there’s still a next chapter.

So maybe I am scared of not knowing at all?

What about you? What are you scared of?

Over Easter Break: Philippines, Assessments, and A hint of Cough Syrup

As the title above indicates, this post is mostly about my trip back home, the assessments I have to face now, and cough syrup because I am currently sick – which is unusual because I was fine before I arrived back in Chester.

Philippines. Ah yes, home. It was such an amazing feeling to be back home – even for only 10 days. I enjoyed it so much that it was devastating to leave again. Home was still the same, nothing much changed. A couple of new restaurants and hang out places opened up inside our favourite commercial place (BF Homes, Paranaque City). It is packed with restaurants and cafĂ©’s, tea hubs and juice bars left and right that it is impossible to choose where to go to first. It’s probably a good idea to list all of them and visit each one like a bucket list – that’s how commercial it is, and people (from the south) love it!

So when I went back home, I met up with friends during my first 5 days. Different group of friends for each day, it was fun and exhausting at the same time – not exhausted by the people, but of the travel. Driving around and doing physical activities tire me out quickly (no surprise there, haha). Then my last days during my stay, my family and I went to Subic! We always visit Subic but it never gets old. It’s a nice place to relax and it’s like home. Funny thing about the stay there, I’ve been driving for almost 3 years but never have I gotten in trouble or got a violation, HOWEVER – I got my FIRST EVER violation in Subic, the policeman probably felt bad about me having to line up and pay for a violation I clearly did not know about, so he just gave me a warning. OF ALL THE PLACE I COULD GET A VIOLATION, I could’ve gotten something from Makati where it’s a strict city discipline, but then again traffic laws in Subic are not the same as the traffic laws in the city.

So that was my trip back home. I felt so sad while flying back to Chester. It was a heavy feeling, leaving everyone you love and everything you know for the second time. The first time was exciting because you had no idea whatsoever what was going to happen and what was out there, but now that you’ve gotten that experience, it’s just heavy to leave.

Now onto Assessments. I have two assessments due on April 28 and 29, I think. One presentation on the 27th. Two reaction papers on May, I think. I’m not even keeping track of my deadlines, that’s how much of a student I am. Ha, mom would be so proud (sarcasm). BUT I would like to argue that I’m not really a typical good student. I don’t like working HARD. I like to work when inspired to do so, motivated to actually come up with words and do the work. If you force something, it would all feel so fake and bull. So I am doing it while I’m somewhat motivated. I keep waking up early ever since I arrived to why not take advantage of it.

I went into town to get some books for my International and Global Marketing module. Books on japanese culture because it was difficult to find journal articles and academic reviews on them when it’s so general. While I was walking, some gardeners (I’m assuming), were working on the lawn of the Chester Cathedral. The smell of the freshly cut grass reminded me about the present. Reminded me about the things that inspire me. Little things that do inspire me – which is why I am writing now. If you haven’t noticed already, I have a pattern in writing for my blog – I only do it when I have something to share. Most of the time, I just lack the inspiration to do so these past few months.

I guess that’s it for today, this has become one lengthy post and I wouldn’t want anyone to die of boredom (if anyone is actually reading this – terribly sorry)

What’s a post without a video from Youtube. Enjoy!