That one perfect song..

I finally found the song.

I’ve heard it before somewhere but I cannot, for my life, remember where and today I found it!

I was just looking at random videos and then I felt like listening to La Vie En Rose, and just like that *snaps fingers* it showed up. Waltzed into my life like a sweet sweet bubble gum flavored ice cream on a beautiful breezy summer day on the beach. Magically swept me off my feet. I know, not making any sense right now because I am freaking out over this song.

Will let you decide for yourselves of course. :)

Hope you enjoy!

Song 28 or 29: King For a Day

I know this is a bit heavy than what I usually post on my infinite playlist, but the lyrics of this particular song is just good that I had to consider it.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a music that I liked, so here it is. And Kellin Quinn’s voice is – well impossible to even comprehend how he does it – but amazing and beautiful as well.


“I’m tired of begging for the things that I want, I’m over sleeping like a dog on the floor”

Song #27: Last Hope

I’ve been obsessing with Paramore again lately. I came across posts, blogs, or articles wherein people are comparing Paramore’s new album from their old ones and how different it is, and the reason behind it.

In all honesty, I don’t mind that they changed. They still make great music and lyrics.

This is my current favorite from their 2013 self-titled album ‘Paramore’

I just love the meaning of this song.

Sometimes we just have to let things happen and fall into place and keep that small spark of hope. Keep hoping that things will be okay in the end, even if it doesn’t go your way.


Truth: Song#26(!) Hurts Like Heaven

I struggle with the feeling that my life isn’t mine.

Most of the time I do. And it’s because of this one honest statement I saw from my news feed on Facebook:

You’re not really free until you are free from trying to please everybody.

I’m so glad that we have Music. It really has saved me ever since I was a kid.

Great bands, songs, and even the music videos.

Anyway, enjoy this one from Coldplay.


Song #25? Shot At The Night

I’m not really sure what song number we are at, cause I’m pretty sure that I’m feeling tipsy. Lucky for me I can still typer properly, AND there’s auto correct. But yeah, this song makes me want to lose control and do whatever I want to do with my life.

I somehow realized that those who have truly, honest-to-God happy life are the ones who don’t really care that they’re not earning billions, don’t really care if they planned properly – with contingency plans, I might add – for the future. Those who are really CONTENTED and happy are the ones who live life DAY TO DAY. Works to live. Just enough to get what they want and more than enough for what they need.

I’m probably drunk at this stage, and they say that most of the drunks tell the truth. So I don’t know what to make of that. I just know that I’m pretty happy and awesome at the moment.
I wish people – including me OF COURSE – would find that contentment and LIVE.

So here’s a totally chill song from The Killers, how I love them! Shot at the night. I only have one shot at this life, and from now on, I’m not going to miss the things that MAKES me happy.

Song #24: Best Day Of My Life

I’ve been listening to this song months ago. And I am so glad that American Authors are being introduced in more and more local radio stations in the Philippines. I’m really glad that they FINALLY recognize good music that is upbeat, cheery, and simply fun.

So here’s American Authors with Best Day of My Life – acoustic version.

The original version is great as well.

Song # 23: Sweater Weather

Wow! It’s been a while. I don’t know how I can improve in writing more often but the past few weeks had been a whirlwind. And even though Summer is just around the corner – for the Philippines – at least, the song is still very chill. It’s totally the opposite of the weather here.

I like the sun, beach, and waves and all but I guess I’m really curious of what cold weather feels like. I mean the wintery kind of weather – not just the rainy and strong winds kind.

I guess, for personal preferences, I’m more of a sweater-wearing-snow-cold-kind-of-weather person.


What other countries experiencing summer right now?

Heart’s Day

Happy heart’s day wordpress!

I’m not really into the whole valentine-day thing.
I just don’t get the whole day. I mean, why wait until February 14 to show someone that you love them so much, no words can exactly express it. Why does it have to be on this exact day? Why can’t it be heart’s day every time? Right?
I don’t get the whole concept of this day.
It’s sort of ridiculous in a way, I don’t know. It’s just me, I guess. I’m not bitter or anything. It’s just that we could have ‘heart’s day’ any time we want to, all it takes is effort.

Anyway, even if I’m not into that whole bears-and-flowers-and-sweets and stuff, I’d still like to say, happy heart’s day! I hope your hearts are doing well, and well, healthy.
Here’s a wonderful heart’s day song from Kina Grannis.

My date tonight is composed of a really good book, a cup of tea or maybe coffee, and in my wonderful soft bed. Cheers!

Song #22?

I kind of forgot how many songs I’ve posted, so I’m assuming that we’re already on the 22nd song. Well, songs. I couldn’t choose which one and they are all really good.

First up is Hardwell ft. Matthew Koma’s Dare You. I like the message in the song. It’s daring us individuals to do the things that we are uncertain of – whatever it may be. So DARE to go out and have fun in the middle of our stressful life!

Up next is Youth by Foxes. I must say, she has a very pretty voice. It’s pretty classic and modern at the same time, I don’t know. It’s just pretty, okay? Lol. I liked Foxes by the time FOB released their video for Just One Yesterday, which is also cool but, c’mon, FOB has their own special playlist on my iPod. Lol

Lastly, Youth by Daughter. Okay, no, I’m not obsessed with the word ‘youth,’ it just so happens they are both titled with that. I like the sound of this song.

Okay, back to my Financial and Accounting Systems paper work. Cheers!