What Element Are You?

So I answered a survey ‘What Element Are You?

My result was:

You Are


Intellectual and witty, you are a determined person. Airs are usually very good business people because they like to talk and can persuade easily. You have a happy side, so your animal would be a dolphin or a sea creature. Your colors are yellow and white. Airs dislike bossy and pushy people.

I guess it’s sort of accurate? I disagree with the colors though. I don’t dislike yellow but I don’t like it either. It is true that bossy and pushy people gets on my nerves! I hate it when people are being bossy or pushy, or bossy AND pushy. Especially when it’s out of place. I get people who are bossy and pushy when they’re assigned or tasked to be leaders, because their neck is on the line. What I don’t get is when people are being bossy and pushy just because they want to prove something.

I guess that’s it. It’s really close to my personality as well. I don’t know about the intellectual part though. Lol


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