The World in the eyes of a Parent

Okay, I may not be a mother now but I do get the idea of taking care of a child because of my two baby brothers. I may not have worked so hard to get them into this world, but I do get the feeling of being so protective of them too.

It is hard being a parent, let alone be a single parent.

When I was a teenager, about 13 or 14, I usually got irritated and mad at my mom (like all teenagers do) when I don’t get to hang out with my friends somewhere, or when she would not allow me to go to school on my own when everyone else was allowed to. I never got the logic before of why she was too overprotective and I usually felt like she never trusted me with absolutely ANYTHING. You know, the typical teen angst thing.

When I finally got into college, she allowed me more and more to go out with friends. She even allowed me – against her will of course cause she had no choice – to commute to school, which was a bus and two jeep (a Philippine public transportation) ride getting there and around 20mins walk. She started giving me responsibilities when it comes to my brothers and that’s around the time that I was starting to understand her decisions before.

Now that I am 21 (ha, I would like to think that I have matured at this point), I finally realised that she’d always trusted ME, it’s the world and the strangers around me that she didn’t trust. She could not bear with the thought that I would get myself into a negative situation and would not be able to defend myself or be back home for that matter. I realised that parents will always, and I mean ALWAYS – EVEN IF YOU ARE 50 YEARS OLD, be worried and be protective of you no matter what. In their point of view, you will always be this precious little thing that is so fragile and so blissful that it makes them this overprotective, sort-of-paranoid detectives that are always on your case. It is what they do.

Because of this upbringing, I also realised that I am always cautious too when traveling from one place to another. It’s funny, to be honest.

I wanted to share this because I got inspired by my mom. I am temporarily in the UK, thousands of miles from her, and she still worries about me even when she has so many things to worry about there. She still tells me to keep several copies of my passport, IDs, and keep emergency cash. She still reminds me to check a place before going and still reminds me to be cautious of my surroundings, AND I AM 21.

So teens, please give your parents a break. I know you do not understand now, but eventually you will. Just try and avoid getting into heated arguments that are not even worth losing your relationship with your parents for.

Love you mom. And I want you to know, I am safe.


That one perfect song..

I finally found the song.

I’ve heard it before somewhere but I cannot, for my life, remember where and today I found it!

I was just looking at random videos and then I felt like listening to La Vie En Rose, and just like that *snaps fingers* it showed up. Waltzed into my life like a sweet sweet bubble gum flavored ice cream on a beautiful breezy summer day on the beach. Magically swept me off my feet. I know, not making any sense right now because I am freaking out over this song.

Will let you decide for yourselves of course. :)

Hope you enjoy!

Song #27: Last Hope

I’ve been obsessing with Paramore again lately. I came across posts, blogs, or articles wherein people are comparing Paramore’s new album from their old ones and how different it is, and the reason behind it.

In all honesty, I don’t mind that they changed. They still make great music and lyrics.

This is my current favorite from their 2013 self-titled album ‘Paramore’

I just love the meaning of this song.

Sometimes we just have to let things happen and fall into place and keep that small spark of hope. Keep hoping that things will be okay in the end, even if it doesn’t go your way.


Having friends who are [dot][dot][dot]

Since the third week of June, I’ve been going out and hanging out with different group of friends. I only have less than two months here in the Philippines, which is why my mom lets me go to places.

It’s really amazing that I have different group of friends but they are really similar with each other. And it’s really amazing that I get to balance out and spend time with each of them.

I like how my friends are the type of people whom you can really talk with – when hanging out I mean. We don’t get distracted by smartphones, or androids, or iPhones. I like how they can be funny and comedic instantaneously as if they’ve been doing it for a living. It’s pretty amazing that we can talk for hours and hours and we do not seem to run out of things to share or things to remember, OR, we can just sit there drink beer or coffee or tea and just listen to music. There’s just no pressure.

I’m so grateful that I have friends whom I have special moments with, inside jokes, and even a theme song with. I’m so grateful that I have friends that I can act foolish with, whether I am in a good mood or bad, whether I am a mess or not, they accept the fact that I am how I am.

I consider myself really lucky to have friends that understands you and can even tell when you are craving for an Iced White Mocha Americano – on the rocks, half and half.

So cheers to those friends that stood by your side through sunshine and storms. Cheers to those who have shared almost 12 years with you. Cheers to those you don’t see often but you never seem to miss out on anything. Cheers to those who can appreciate a good conversation with you rather than check their phones every single minute. Cheers to those you go to concerts with or discuss and exchange really good books!

Cheers to the kind of friendship that only grows with time.

Fruitful March

The month of March, so far so good. It’s coming to a close, and I’ve been receiving more and more reasons to be grateful.

First, I got my CONDITIONAL acceptance letter. But after I’ve completed my final paper (yes, I’ve only got one left!), it would mean that I’ve completed my BTEC HND course. This means that I am really on the right path and soon enough I’ll be leaving for University of Chester with my friends!

Secondly, I got an internship position for my mom’s company. I know I got it easy, but I don’t intend to have an easy experience as an intern, which is why I asked her not to be my supervisor. I asked her to place me in any position and department as long as I work for someone other than her. This will help me help her in a way. I don’t intend to get paid (cause some interns are paid), as it will help her to lessen the expenditures of the company.

Thirdly, the competitions I’ve entered in. Google Digital Marketing Challenge and the Global Enterprise Experience. It’s a blessing because I get to work with talented and knowledgable people from all around the world. It makes me feel connected to the world even more.

For the Google Digital Marketing Challenge, my group mates and I  agreed on the perfect non-profit org, started by our very own block mate, which aims to provide comfort and uplift children’s nutrition in the Philippines. We thought it would be perfect to create awareness for this org because it’s for a great cause, to fight malnutrition. Hopefully, and I pray that this org will branch out to the whole world. Baby steps.

For the Global Enterprise Experience, we’ve got so many interesting ideas! They are all really good ideas and are about helping the youth, and probably the world? A girl can dream, right? Once the competition has ended, I’ll share that experience.

Lastly, my family and friends. They’ve been supporting me and helping me grow through and through.

I have to say, it’s a very fruitful YEAR in fact. Some obstacles and difficulties, but hey, they’re built to make you stronger and teaches us to NEVER GIVE UP.

“Keep Moving Forward” – Meet the Robinsons, Walt Disney.


Heart’s Day

Happy heart’s day wordpress!

I’m not really into the whole valentine-day thing.
I just don’t get the whole day. I mean, why wait until February 14 to show someone that you love them so much, no words can exactly express it. Why does it have to be on this exact day? Why can’t it be heart’s day every time? Right?
I don’t get the whole concept of this day.
It’s sort of ridiculous in a way, I don’t know. It’s just me, I guess. I’m not bitter or anything. It’s just that we could have ‘heart’s day’ any time we want to, all it takes is effort.

Anyway, even if I’m not into that whole bears-and-flowers-and-sweets and stuff, I’d still like to say, happy heart’s day! I hope your hearts are doing well, and well, healthy.
Here’s a wonderful heart’s day song from Kina Grannis.

My date tonight is composed of a really good book, a cup of tea or maybe coffee, and in my wonderful soft bed. Cheers!

Note To Self

Hey ME.

Please remember to do the following:

First, and probably the most important thing, breathe. The world is not going to end if you take a breather and just let it all in. Take things slow. Especially on days when you feel like you are drowning, that is a sign that you need to breathe. Appreciate.

Secondly, remember the important things. By that, I don’t mean the deadlines or requirements, or any of those stressing stuff. Important things such as going to church and giving thanks, your brother’s birthday, or even just pampering yourself once in a while. Remember to become a kid again and play video games, remember to make connections with your family. Having fun. These are important things that makes us a living human being.

Third, find inspiration and motivation. Continuously look for reasons to fall in love with anything and everything that you are doing – your job, your school work, accomplishing your dream. Nothing and no one else can motivate you but yourself.

Fourth, don’t be afraid to look stupid – not literally stupid, knowing nothing at all – but making mistakes along the way. It’s okay to look like a fool, as long as you are trying to achieve great things. From these mistakes, you will learn and grow. Take chances, take risks.

Fifth, believe. Believe in yourself, believe in the capability of the world to become better than it is today. Believe in the strength of a human mind and heart. Believe that your are strong. Believe that every one is good. Believe that you can become a positive influence to others. Believe that you can. Believe in Santa Claus, in Fairies, in Magic, and in Fairytales. Just, Believe.

Lastly, love. Love a whole lot. Even if it’s difficult, or terrifying, or crazy.

Oh, and by the way, you are almost there! Just, don’t forget to live every once in a while, preferably with your family and friends. Lol

Just needed to let those thoughts out. Cheers!

Some things that you can’t help doing

I posted last December 3 that I would read one page or one poem a day from Lang Leav’s Love & Misadventure. There are times when an individual can’t help do something that they know they should not do. So, I hate to admit it, but I kind of cheated on that one. I have failed myself. I was supposed to STRICTLY follow that, and it shows I have no self control whatsoever.

Anyway, since it’s out there, I cheated, and I am now on the 39th page, it happens to be a poem I can really really relate to.

I turn away

and close my heart –

to the promise of love

that is luring.

For the past has taught

not to be caught,

in what is not worth pursuing –

To never do

the things I’ve done

that once had led

to my undoing.

Afraid To Love, Lang Leav

I guess it’s not just about loving that special someone. It’s really loving – in general. I like to be closed off, and sometimes keep myself from loving something – sometimes even just liking something – that I know can potentially hurt in the end. This is why I love things that I know cannot hurt me, such as loving books, music, and celebrities – because they make you happy but you don’t expect them to love you back. It may sound a little, I don’t know – sad? I guess, I’m just not a huge fan of getting hurt, I mean who is?

So, that was my way of avoiding things that can potentially make me happy but I get so scared that I run away from it in the end. An individual’s heart can only take so much pain.

So here’s a song that I’ve been obsessing from the day I heard it on The Voice.


Song #16: Sunday Morning

Oh how I wish every day was a sweet sweet Sunday Morning, and to spend it listening to the beautiful and soothing voice of one of the sexiest man alive. Now that’s the life. But, we can’t have it all can we? Lol

So instead, you guys will have to settle for a music video, still of the sexiest man alive, Mr. Adam Levine, and keep wishing that every day can be that sweet Sunday morning with the aroma of coffee (or tea) and a lovely book waiting for you.