Day 10: Trying to keep on track

Second day of classes for the week. We had business dissertation earlier, and like any other module we have, it’s at ‘100mph’ as they call it. I’m still thinking of a topic or a certain area to research on. All I have so far is this: The viability of Coffee Shops (e.g. local, Starbucks, or Costa) in the UK against the viability of Coffee Shops in the Philippines.

I chose to do a comparison for the UK and the Philippines, basically because it’s where I am from. However, I wanted to do something even more specific right now. I just can’t get on the right track or the path that I wanted. I’m still thinking though, any ideas dear friends? I usually run to my guitar for creative thinking. Sadly enough, I wasn’t really capable of bringing my guitar with me – with my huge luggage and hand-carry bag (includes my heavy laptop, camera, and the sort).

Then in the evening, it’s weird for me that they start really late too, we had a taster for Volleyball. I was thinking of joining Swimming but then again, I thought of the weather and temperature here (still not used to it). Bench-warming the bench because – haha – I did not bring my trainers (rubber shoes), not that I had any because a-duh I like wearing my converse when playing. So, I still have to buy one if I really wanted to play.

Well, that’s all I can really share for tonight or in the other parts of the world, today.

I’ll leave you again with another lovely song (maybe I’ll do this out of habit, I don’t know).



Song #15: Chocolate

Fair warning, the lead vocalist of this great indie rock/alternative band has this really thick english accent, so you might want to search for the lyrics. It’s what I had to do and found out that what I thought I heard “mexico” pronounced as a real mexican person was actually “petticoat,” which would have been awkward if you sang it in a public place. Lol

I have to admit though, the song is pretty nice. Teenage stuff, rebellion, crazy love, and things that an individual should not do. It’s all sort of exciting, not that I am encouraging this. It’s probably just saying that live life as much as possible, without fear.

Okay, not making sense again.
Anyway, here’s The 1975 with Chocolate.