I haven’t blogged since July – I think. I’ve been occupied since I got out of uni and I just wanted to share what I’ve been up to.

Firstly, I moved to London. That’s probably the scariest part and it was hard because I had to do it alone – from booking a moving van, booking train tickets and making sure that I arrived before the moving van does, living arrangements, and paying monthly bills. Then a couple of days after I moved to London, I went back home to the Philippines for two months. Those two months were great. I got to spend time with my brothers again, taking the youngest one to school and checking their homework and projects. It was heartbreaking to leave that time.

And now, I’m back in London. I’ve been back for almost three weeks now and it feels like I’ve never even left. It’s a weird feeling but because you are familiar with your surroundings – and made a routine in that environment – it’s easy to adjust back. I also got the opportunity to tour around East London more. There are so many places to see in London – and I am telling you now, for a chill night out go to Shoreditch. (Make sure to visit Bull in a China ShopDrunken MonkeyQueens of Hoxton – Rooftop, and BLOCKShoreditch)

I’m enjoying every site, every experience, and the people I share it with but at the end of the day, I still feel like something is missing. Maybe I miss home, more than I expected to. A part of me wants to explore many more places but a part of me would rather go home and be with the family. It’s part of how I grew up and now I’m craving for the feeling of having the people I love just minutes away. But I know that whatever I’m doing right now, I’m supposed to be doing and it will lead me towards the right path.

Well, anyway, I’ve been reading this really interesting book: The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg – it’s a good read. It changed my perspective on how my actions are affecting me now, and how I can alter them to improve my health, productivity, or anything you want to improve in life AND business.

I’ll end it here for now and WILL try to update from time to time. I guess it’s good that I don’t have time to update because it means that I am out there, and I don’t do that very often. I’m proud of myself for that, for interacting with the world – as others would say. Good night!


Two Large Cups Of Coffee And Titles Like FOB Songs

This is a random post.

I’ve had a total of four large cups of coffee (size reference: Starbucks’ sizes, only my large cup is a Grande size, Venti is just, I don’t even know if it is normal people large or big foot size large – if that made sense) in a span of three days because of all the assessments. However, as my title implies, I’ve had two large cups on my first day in an attempt to finish at least half of the work load – miserably failed.

It turns out that gulping down two large cups of coffee does not contribute to productivity! Now beware or be aware you guys. I do believe that it helps productivity as it gives you energy, but as the old saying goes – too much of anything is never good. So in the hopes of getting my energy up and productivity up, I ended up so energized I almost palpitated at times. It was almost as if I injected ADHD into my veins or I took drugs. I couldn’t stay put, my thoughts was going flying away into a million different directions that I cannot focus on the task at hand. I ended up wasting most of my time trying so hard to stay put.

So it was 8 in the morning, I had stayed up all night but the energy is still there and the only way to get rid of with was to do a physical activity. I went to the library – from my house to the library it would take up about 10 minutes walk – and searched for more materials to finish my paper. It’s my fourth day now of attempting to finish ONE PAPER. I am almost done though, it only took me four cups of coffee and a whole lot of reading.

So the lesson? Take drugs instead. HAHAHA, NO I AM KIDDING!

The lesson is to try and avoid procrastinating. Avoiding procrastination to me is such an obstacle I feel the need to create a special rehabilitation group for procrastinators (or does it exist?) Well, that and avoid using coffee to get productive. The best way to be productive I guess is to STOP BEING A LAZY BUM, KASH.

That’s all I wanted to randomly share. It’s a good experience too because I’ve never had trouble procrastinating before – weirdly, and in a sense that only makes sense to me right now (or if it makes sense to any one else, you are not alone).

Yeah, bye for now. Leaving you once again with another song. My go to channel for relaxing while studying: The Vibe Guide (

November, Stress Month

Second term of this school year, a tough one.

Being a student in Southville Foreign University, even tougher, in a good way.

The subjects, the professors, and even the non-academic activities in school right now challenges a students’ skills and competencies. It tests the students on how they handle responsibilities, how they manage their time, how organized and effective the students are, and the more importantly, the quality of work the student does.

SFU actually creates a learning environment which is close to a “real work” experience. It is the institution’s way of preparing its students to be globally competitive and globally competent.

Right now, I have about five or six more term papers.

Marketing Planning: 0/2 submitted

Sales Planning and Operations Management: 0/2 submitted

Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results: 1/2 submitted

Managing Communications, Knowledge & Information: 1/2 submitted

Personally, I find Marketing Planning interesting. Just last meeting our professor showed us powerful marketing videos that would appeal to most customers, and he also showed us a video about Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing:

Marketing, today, is about the product being in the lives of the customers. It is about experiences being built around the product for it to have an impact on the customers. A great example of this is Coca-Cola as we have discussed in class. Coca-Cola is remembered by its catch phrase “Open Happiness” due to the fact that whenever there are celebrations and merriment, there is a bottle of coke. Thus, it makes a connection to the emotional side of the customers.

Anyway, I have to continue working on my Marketing Planning and finish it today. There’s an upcoming Marketing Competition that I would like to join with my block mates. We have to be able to focus on that. We have to dedicate our time and knowledge on that particular competition.

Just wanted to share what we have done for the Second Term so far, plus I need something to motivate me in continuously working on the term papers, this is one of my motivators.


Portrait of an ISFP

First of all, what is ISFP?

I: Introvert

S: Sensing

F: Feeling

P: Perceiving

It basically intensifies your understanding of  who you are as a person. I learned this from our subject called Personal and Professional Development, which was taught by Sir Jojo Alino in Southville Foreign University. At first, I thought “why would a business management student need this kind of subject?” Then going through the course, it made me realize that understanding yourself and developing yourself first is very important, even if an individual is not a business management student. It is very essential to understand and know one’s self for you to maximize your capabilities and competencies. The subject was very helpful in terms of understanding how I work individually or with others, and clearing a few skeptical moments in my life where I feel like I don’t really know myself. Taking the test and looking at the results, it seems like it is easier to accept that I am who I am. Using the results, I personally started to develop myself and feel a little less dubious regarding some things about me.

For my result, it shows that I am an introvert, which is true. It also tells me that I use my gut feeling more often in making important decisions, which is somewhat true but I also look at the practical and logical side of things when necessary. Then sensing and perceiving.


Here’s the complete portrait or profile of an ISFP:

If you want to check your own profile, here is the questionnaire:

or you can search online: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

If you want to further develop yourself to become an effective person in everything you do, here’s a book that I would personally recommend as my professor personally recommended to his past students. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey