Speaking of Songs..

I am a HUGE fan of OneRepublic. They have this track “Something I Need” and it was played over and over again on the radio back in the Philippines. And since I am a huge fan, I know the lyrics to the song, so when I heard the one played on the radio, I got confused. Kudos to the cover though, he fooled my ears, I did not recognize that it was not Ryan Tedder (slightly) but when it reached the high part that’s when I knew. That’s when I realised that it was not OneRepublic’s version.

Now I say version because other artists does covers and want to interpret the song in their own way.

HOWEVER, seeing the video on YouTube with this title: Ben Haenow – Something I Need, it kind of got me a little pissed off.

Cause you see, there’s a difference between ‘BY’ and ‘COVERED BY’

And it’s one of those pet peeves I guess when credit it not given to whom it is due.

Some may already assume that Something I Need is by that guy but he only changed the part “if we only die once, I wanna die with you” to “if we only live once, I wanna live with you” so technically, it’s not your original song still..

So for those of you WHO DON’T KNOW, Something I Need is BY OneRepublic.

I mean, I respect that the guy wanted to express and interpret it the way he felt. But it’s just a personal thing.

I am a little pissed off because this relates to another frustration of mine. Underrated bands and artists that are far more talented than what we see nowadays.

It might sound bias and unreasonable, I don’t know, but that’s my opinion and you can have your own.


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