Fruitful March

The month of March, so far so good. It’s coming to a close, and I’ve been receiving more and more reasons to be grateful.

First, I got my CONDITIONAL acceptance letter. But after I’ve completed my final paper (yes, I’ve only got one left!), it would mean that I’ve completed my BTEC HND course. This means that I am really on the right path and soon enough I’ll be leaving for University of Chester with my friends!

Secondly, I got an internship position for my mom’s company. I know I got it easy, but I don’t intend to have an easy experience as an intern, which is why I asked her not to be my supervisor. I asked her to place me in any position and department as long as I work for someone other than her. This will help me help her in a way. I don’t intend to get paid (cause some interns are paid), as it will help her to lessen the expenditures of the company.

Thirdly, the competitions I’ve entered in. Google Digital Marketing Challenge and the Global Enterprise Experience. It’s a blessing because I get to work with talented and knowledgable people from all around the world. It makes me feel connected to the world even more.

For the Google Digital Marketing Challenge, my group mates and I  agreed on the perfect non-profit org, started by our very own block mate, which aims to provide comfort and uplift children’s nutrition in the Philippines. We thought it would be perfect to create awareness for this org because it’s for a great cause, to fight malnutrition. Hopefully, and I pray that this org will branch out to the whole world. Baby steps.

For the Global Enterprise Experience, we’ve got so many interesting ideas! They are all really good ideas and are about helping the youth, and probably the world? A girl can dream, right? Once the competition has ended, I’ll share that experience.

Lastly, my family and friends. They’ve been supporting me and helping me grow through and through.

I have to say, it’s a very fruitful YEAR in fact. Some obstacles and difficulties, but hey, they’re built to make you stronger and teaches us to NEVER GIVE UP.

“Keep Moving Forward” – Meet the Robinsons, Walt Disney.



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