DLSU vs ADMU Championship

A late upload, but still wanted to share.

All images were shot with Canon Powershot SX30 and were shot by ©Kashka Lantion

My friends and I went to the Women’s Volleyball Championship Game held in the MOA Arena last 15 March 2014. It was loads of fun because we were able to hang out (finally) outside of school. It was long over due. We went there early to secure seats.


We were in the farthest section of the Arena, unfortunately. But it has its perks too. We were able to see the play very well and compare the strategies of each team.


Ateneo’s Lady Eagles

They played a fair and strong game. They won three sets straight, which is AMAZING because they were up against a very strong team as well. But how they played the game was astonishing. Everyone that day could see the dedication and passion to win and everyone also felt how strong their hearts were. They had strong spikes, blocks, and service. They communicated well during the game, which is why they won the championship.


De Lasalle’s Lady Spikers

The Lady Spikers is a strong team. They’ve won the Women’s Volleyball in the UAAP three times in a row already. If they won this year it would have been a four-peat. They also played strong in the game that day. They had the most blocks and in my perspective, their defense was stronger than Ateneo’s. However, they did not take into account the fact that the Lady Eagles have well prepared to respond through the spikes and services.

Overall, it was a great game. Both teams should be proud of what they have accomplished that day, because I think that they both have won.


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