Perfect Combination: Friends + Food

Today, I was expecting to feel tired and drained from all the work for Research Project. Considering that I slept at 3am to finish it. But it was the opposite of it. Today was fruitful, productive, fun, and most of all – relaxing. Relaxed – on a weekday, that’s something huh? But what made it special was the people I shared the day with. We met almost two years ago, and we’ve gotten close only this school year but it feels like it’s been years already.

We cooked pasta, and I must say I was surprised because it was very good. Then we made our own tacos!


What you’re going to need:

1. Taco shells

2. Ground beef or ground pork – depends on your preference

3. Cabbage – minced? or thinly sliced (LOL)

4. Tomatoes – chopped into small bits


6. and a seasoning of your choice – if you’d like to add a little more flavor to it

I followed my mom’s recipe for the pasta. If you want to try it, I’ll post the recipe and the procedures too. You won’t regret it.


Overall, it was a wonderful day. I even forgot the stress of school today. I still don’t feel an ounce of stress in my body until now. Lol

Taken with: Canon PowerShot SX30


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