Song #22?

I kind of forgot how many songs I’ve posted, so I’m assuming that we’re already on the 22nd song. Well, songs. I couldn’t choose which one and they are all really good.

First up is Hardwell ft. Matthew Koma’s Dare You. I like the message in the song. It’s daring us individuals to do the things that we are uncertain of – whatever it may be. So DARE to go out and have fun in the middle of our stressful life!

Up next is Youth by Foxes. I must say, she has a very pretty voice. It’s pretty classic and modern at the same time, I don’t know. It’s just pretty, okay? Lol. I liked Foxes by the time FOB released their video for Just One Yesterday, which is also cool but, c’mon, FOB has their own special playlist on my iPod. Lol

Lastly, Youth by Daughter. Okay, no, I’m not obsessed with the word ‘youth,’ it just so happens they are both titled with that. I like the sound of this song.

Okay, back to my Financial and Accounting Systems paper work. Cheers!


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