Christmas Eve!



Shot by: Kashka Lantion

Shot with: Canon Powershot SX30

Hot Chocolate Oranges!

First the Gingerbread house and now the Hot Choco-Oranges. What is up this Christmas? Lol

My family is not those kind of families that are really into celebrating Christmas with a bang – translation: we don’t celebrate it with so much preparations, we simply cook the food that we like, eat together until our tummy’s at a point of bursting, and then watch TV, and finally sleep. Of course we greet each other ‘Merry Christmas’ but we’ve never prepared festive stuff. So I guess, I wanted to do something this year because next year – depending on the situation with my application for University of Chester – I might not spend next Christmas with them.

What I Used:

Oranges – clearly

1 Ghana Chocolate Bar

1 Coffee Mug of Fresh Milk

This was not my idea. I saw this video from one of my favorite brit vloggers: Zoella Sugg

The video: 


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