Obsessions (December)

album covers


Have been obsessing on these bands again.

Green Day’s new set of albums – Uno!, Dos!, and Tre! is pretty awesome. It’s not the classic Green Day but it’s still great. Especially these following songs all from Green Day’s new albums:

1. Stray Heart

2. Nuclear Family

3. Stay The Night

4. Amy

5. Lazy Bones

And Arctic Monkeys, I really don’t know how Alex Turner has this sexy vibe to him. Even if he’s singing about broken hearts and sorrows, it’s still sexy. Lol

1. Mardy Bum (it’s number one on my list now because I’ve been listening to it nonstop)

2. Fluorescent Adolescent

3. Cornerstone

4. Baby I’m Yours

5. R U Mine?

6. Why’d You Only Call Me When Your High?

Then Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto Album for when I’m alone and want to chill.

Then Blink-182, I will ALWAYS LOVE THEM.

So these are the things – or rather BANDS, I’ve been obsessing on.



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