Student Diaries: Entry 1

Today was one of those days wherein I don’t even know what I am supposed to do. It was like my mind today was in hibernate mode and it did not want to wake up for the classes today. Overall, it was a lazy-but-a-little-productive day.

Although, there’s this one class today that is interesting. The downside to it is that the professor is so demotivating, half of the class do not go to his class anymore, and it is a very depressing scene.

I am eager to learn as much as I can, but with that kind of professor, I’d rather manage my own learning. He is like the number one thing that is bumming me out of school lately. My block mates and other professors are shocked with my recent absenteeism because they know that I am a good student, well at least I try to be, I mean I go to class everyday – okay, an exaggeration, I’m not present ALL THE TIME, but I’m not absent ALL THE TIME either.

See, there are people who cannot stand to be locked up in four concrete walls and listen to lectures for 3 hours. They need to be freed. Active people don’t learn in a lecture room, they learn when they have a learning experience. I may not be an activist, but it is better to be out there getting real life experiences than having to bear with the most demotivating professor in the world – again, an exaggeration, but who knows, and be locked up in a lecture room for three excruciating hours. The last thirty minutes of class this morning was the worst, and the slowest minutes of my schooling life. Plus, he keeps on repeating stuff, without explaining it. The topics of Sales Planning is TOO BROAD, and he is stuck with ‘characteristics of a Salesperson.’ He hasn’t even made a new powerpoint because it is the same lecture as the week before, and the week before that. Excruciating.

Anyway, enough with the ranting. First term paper for his subject is due tomorrow.

Good day!


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