November, Stress Month

Second term of this school year, a tough one.

Being a student in Southville Foreign University, even tougher, in a good way.

The subjects, the professors, and even the non-academic activities in school right now challenges a students’ skills and competencies. It tests the students on how they handle responsibilities, how they manage their time, how organized and effective the students are, and the more importantly, the quality of work the student does.

SFU actually creates a learning environment which is close to a “real work” experience. It is the institution’s way of preparing its students to be globally competitive and globally competent.

Right now, I have about five or six more term papers.

Marketing Planning: 0/2 submitted

Sales Planning and Operations Management: 0/2 submitted

Managing Business Activities To Achieve Results: 1/2 submitted

Managing Communications, Knowledge & Information: 1/2 submitted

Personally, I find Marketing Planning interesting. Just last meeting our professor showed us powerful marketing videos that would appeal to most customers, and he also showed us a video about Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing:

Marketing, today, is about the product being in the lives of the customers. It is about experiences being built around the product for it to have an impact on the customers. A great example of this is Coca-Cola as we have discussed in class. Coca-Cola is remembered by its catch phrase “Open Happiness” due to the fact that whenever there are celebrations and merriment, there is a bottle of coke. Thus, it makes a connection to the emotional side of the customers.

Anyway, I have to continue working on my Marketing Planning and finish it today. There’s an upcoming Marketing Competition that I would like to join with my block mates. We have to be able to focus on that. We have to dedicate our time and knowledge on that particular competition.

Just wanted to share what we have done for the Second Term so far, plus I need something to motivate me in continuously working on the term papers, this is one of my motivators.



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