The Voice

Currently watching The Voice Season 5 on AXN.

It has been my frustration to be able to sing, well and beautifully, for that matter. When I was younger, I even took voice lessons but for only 10 sessions. It had to stop because I was also taking boxing lessons, which messed up with my help rather than help. So, I was getting sick and I couldn’t continue with both of it.

Anyway, saving you from the sort-of-a-sob story, but, yes it is a frustrating feeling that I could not, even if my life depended on it, sing well.

There’s sort of a freedom feel to be able to sing your heart out, proud and loudly. It just connects to people, on a different level than the way books and movies connect to people. To be able to sing to every word, and to be able to feel the way the singer felt each word, it is just amazing.

It is sort of the “universal language” aside from English. What? Oh, I hope it makes sense, because it does. *laughs

Back to The Voice, it is enticing to watch because of the talented people who are on it. It is not just the amazing coaches, but mostly, it is about the singers themselves. Also, I like the way that the show emphasizes the capabilities of the individual as a singer, not just basing it on the looks, and the stage presence. Moreover, the way the show was set to emphasize those talent, in a way that the audience are able to watch the journey and how they developed personally is great.

I actually watch the show to see the artists evolve and develop themselves rather than to see who goes on in the competition. I root for them all, and I adore each and every one of them in their own ways.

So that is it.

Here’s a little video for More Than Words, it’s not part of the playlist. Actually trying to learn how to play it on the guitar.

So enjoy!


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