Song #7: I Don’t Wanna Be

I forgot to mention one more of my addictions, aside from the obvious of course, watching TV series. I watch the types of TV series that are more grounded to reality than say, Sci-Fi? Still, I appreciate different kinds of series. Although, when it comes to the point that I can only choose one – oh wait, I’m sorry but I can’t — at least three, I would definitely say:

1) One Tree Hill
2) House, MD
3) How I Met Your Mother

And this song is the opening music for One Tree Hill. I’ve missed watching that series. Maybe I will watch it again. Soon.

For those of you who has seemingly missed the existence of OTH, hopefully none; it is about real life situations. Family, friends, sacrifices, trust, honesty, love, difficulties, strong relationships, people coming, people leaving, people staying, people leaving a mark, and many more. I find it relatable in a way that it portrays real life situations – if not all of it. It seems like the closest TV series that was able to connect on some level with its audience and was able to dig deeper, and give meaning and understanding to those situations. The ending was not necessarily the “fairytale-happy-ending-type” but it was more of a happy ending in a sense that, there were no regrets, there was acceptance. Acceptance of choices, acceptance of who you are as a person, and acceptance that life is unpredictable. It should be taken day by day.

Okay, okay, what is this girl talking about again.
With that, I will leave you with this wonderful song.

Key Word: Acceptance



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