Song #5: Cough Syrup

Life’s too short to ‘eat a carrot whole’ whoa.

Lol, it is one of the misheard lyrics on youtube. Although, before I saw that comment, I knew the lyrics already. It’s just so funny and it really sounded that way, it got stuck in my head.
The song is still beautiful nevertheless.

It speaks about the challenges and obstacles that you may experience in life, and that there are times you may want to give up and give in. But, there’s more to life than just hardship and difficulties. “Life’s to short to even care at all” does not necessarily mean that you shouldn’t CARE. I think, it would mean that you shouldn’t care about the things that do not matter.

Conclusion: Get out there and LIVE life. Choices are everything. Make the choices that matter, and that you truly believe in.

Oh, by the way, I can’t believe how awesome this band is. I can’t find any song that I dislike from them, which is rare. Kind of like Fall Out Boy.


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