Song #4: Fluorescent Adolescent

I don’t know how Alex Turner does it. And how Arctic Monkeys create such catchy music. I love this particular one, because it’s fun to listen to.

It’s about the individual reminiscing about the past, and how fun and easier life was.

It was less complicated back then, I have to say. I would like to be born in the late 70’s to be able to be a teenager by the mid-80’s or be born in the early 80’s to be a teenager in the early 90’s and stuff. It was really cool back then when we don’t rely on gadgets for entertainment. People were more connected, that’s just in my opinion. I used to have a walkman, and listening to music had been enough of an entertainment for me. It still is. That is probably why I bought an iPod Classic even though there are many new iPads and iPod Touch to choose from. I like to have a big storage for my infinite playlist and huge collection of songs and albums.

So, that is it. I know the song may be interpreted differently, if you want, you can write about it or comment it on this post. Just a suggestion.



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