Sleep disorder?

I realize that I’ve posted something earlier, but I just wanted share this experience.

So today, I slept at 4pm because I opted not to attend class. Then, as I was waking up, I was aware of my surroundings, I can see the light of my room, I can hear the music playing on my iPod – there’s only one thing I cannot do — move. I was stuck there, and I couldn’t move. Trying to move, my arms felt heavy. Tried again, and it was such a struggle. Then, eventually, I woke up.

It was not my first time to have that experience. I’ve experienced it before, about 2 or 3 times already. Then today, it bugged me. I don’t understand why it is happening, or even what IT is. So I did a light research about it, WebMD and this other site called Serendip Studio says it is something called Sleep Paralysis.

It is kind of terrifying, not knowing what is happening, and now not knowing how to handle it. It may happen again, any time and any day. It is so unpredictable that it is causing me anxiety. So I’ve decided to research into it more, and understand how to – if not prevent it – lessen the chances of it happening again.

Share your ideas? Thanks.

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