Welcoming Keilahx

Finally got this friend of mine to create a blog! Meet Keilahx, a full on fun and quirky person. I find her thoughts often intriguing. You can’t really tell what’s on her mind, sometimes. That girl. However, I do appreciate her being true to herself. It is admiring how she speaks her mind but knows when and how to do it. This is why I wanted to see what goes on in her mind. (And I know that it is not what you think it is Keilah! I’m sure there are a lot of people, like-minded people, who will appreciate your insights. Like I do.)

All I can say is, she is an outgoing person. Sometimes, she seems more mature than I am. AND, she’s the kind of person that keeps you grounded and makes you want to have fun. A full blast of living life.

So there, WELCOME Keilah, I look forward to read and be inspired by your posts. I have another reason to be even more nocturnal, if that is possible, now.

Thanks for finally accepting my request.


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