Song #1 on my Infinite Playlist: Silenced by the Night

Fair warning. I would be posting snippets of my playlist on this site, CONSTANTLY. One song on a daily basis, if it is possible. I have this forever changing playlist, or a list that may go on and on and on, and I don’t wanna bore you out of your wits. I just want to share songs that are mostly relatable, if not catchy, and full of meaning.
It’s like my never-ending list of books to read, but a little more complicated. So this is Song number one.

I like the carefree vibe of this song. Talking about falling in love during the old days, it was spontaneous. The ‘when you feel it, you’ll just know it’ stuff. And it’s not just falling in love with another person, it’s generally falling in love with something that is so pure, something you honestly can believe in.

Oh look, it’s almost 3am. They call me Nocturnal for a reason. Enjoy!


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